What's Hot in TxEIS
Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2.0.0005 | Current Version: 2.0.0005.0167

News for Update 2.0.0005.0149

There are a lot of big changes in this Update. Student changes include navigation updates and the addition of photos (and much more) while the Business side is dominated by the TRS TEAM changes. Remember: TxEIS offers trusted compliance with all federal and state mandates at no additional charge to you.

TxEIS & txSuite: Standard Forms

Standard forms for TxEIS are here. These are standard forms that most districts in the state use every year when students register. They include things like Military Connected Student and Food Allergy Disclosure forms. For those district that are already using Online Student Registration, you'll add the forms you want to a group using txConnect Administrator. Then, in txConnect (parent portal), parents can select these forms, fill in the information and submit them electronically. The information is then transfered to TxEIS where registrars can see the information and accept or reject it. This makes such a hectic time of the year streamlined. For more information about Standard State Forms, click here (and check out the short promotional video here).

Student System

Student Photos: Yup, put a face to that name right off the bat. You’ll be able to upload photos per student in Registration or multiple photos at once. See these uploaded photos on student inquiry and maintenance screens in Attendance, Discipline, Grade Reporting, Graduation Plan, Health, Registration and Scheduling. Only have a few student photos? No problem. Once you're set up, student's without a photo get a simple silhouette. Of coruse, this is entirely optional so no worries if you don't want to use photos at all. We've got student photos covered for you.

Better Navigation

  • Auto-Retrieve: TxEIS makes it easier for you to get around. Auto-retrieve functionality means that as soon as you click a student's name from the drop-down list or if you use the arrow keys to select a student and press TAB or ENTER, they'll be retrieved. This is currently available on student maintenance pages.
  • Change Application: But that's not all. Specific pages in specific applications now display in the Change Application drop-down menu allowing you to switch between pages in separate applications without having to look up and retrieve the student again. Just click Change Applications, select the specific page listed under the application and they'll be right there waiting for you! And now you don't even have to click the Change Application button. Just hover over it.
  • Student Name and ID: Student names and IDs have been combined into one search field allowing you to search either from one place. This is what easier looks like.
  • Directory Enhancement: All directories will look the same -- with a few nice enhancements like student last names next to the page numbers and making the Active Cd field a drop-down field.

Enrolled Students: So you can make informed decision quickly, you can see how many students are enrolled in a course section by semester right in the Section tab in Grade Reporting.

Multi-Campus Administrators: Grant a user campus-level administrator access to multiple campuses without granting them full district-wide access. Multi-campus users can have a different type of access at each campus (i.e., Inquiry, Maintenance, or Discipline only).

Print Emergency Profile Button: This new button allows you to print a report of all emergency and medical contacts and information for the student, which is particularly useful there is a medical emergency. The button pulls up all of the student's contact information, parent contacts, emergency and medical contacts, and medical alerts on one page.

TX-UNPS Utility: Create an export file for the Texas Unified Nutrition Programs System (TX-UNPS).

Report Enhancements

  • Students Without a Schedule Report: Find out which students don’t have schedules for the year either because they're not listed or they have requests but are not assigned to a section yet.
  • Student Missing Forms Report: You’ll be able to quickly find those students who are still missing forms required for registration. Check for student missing a specific form or find those who are missing any required form.
  • Invalid Service ID Report: Find out if any course IDs in your district don’t match those in the C022 table with this automatically generated report. Run the report before submitting PEIMS, TSDS, or dashboard information to help you avoid invalid service ID error in the eScholar Data Manager (eDM).
  • Standard Forms (Home Language Survey) Report: Since you are required to have hard copies of the Home Language Survey for each student, we created the Standard Froms (Home Language Survey) report. Print the ones you need for the specified students who have submitted the form through txConnect (Parent Portal).
  • Report Templates: You’ve seen this at work in other applications. Save your selections as a report template so you can run it whenever you want without having to reselect criteria. Now available in these applications (those in bold are new): Attendance, Discipline, Grade Reporting, Health, Registration, Special Education and Test Scores.


Guidance: Pop-up windows help guide parents through the new student enrollment as well as the registration process once the student has been enrolled. These can be disabled by the parent. One more way we're making online student enrollment and registration a breeze.

Archived Forms: From the Forms Management page, archive forms that may still be needed for reporting purposes but are no longer used for data collection, view these archived forms (and switch back to active forms) and see the count for archived forms.

Preview: Preview how the Elementary Skills-Based Report Card or IPR will look before you print it by simply clicking the Preview Report Card button. No more wasted paper making sure everything looks good.

Print Prior Year Data: Need a prior year’s data printed for an Elementary Report card? No problem. Just select that check box, then the semester and cycle and that's exactly what you'll get.

Show Student Names and IDs: Check the box to see student names and IDs on the Missing Averages report.

Active Online Registration: Add the date range during which parents can update registration information for their students. Once a student has been enrolled in the district, the parent will be prompted in txConnect (parent portal) to continue to the registration process.

Multi-Campus Administrators: You’ll be able to grant a user campus-level administrator access to multiple campuses without granting the user full district-wide access. Multi-campus users can have a different type of access at each campus (i.e., Inquiry, Maintenance, or Discipline only).

Alert: Display an alert message at the top of all txConnect (parent portal) pages. This can be done for the mobile app, as well. Get the word out!

Verification Code: Parents who have provided a valid email address will have this code sent to themso they can add the verification code in txConnect (Parent Portal). A secure, simple way to make sure parents are adding valid email addresses.

Business System

TEAM Purge Data Utility: This new utility allows you to delete existing TEAM tables.

Extract Adjustment Days Utility: Extract the available days worked from the TRS calendar with this utility, as well as any leave docks that were processed through the payroll leave transmittals process.

Adj Days Maintenance Utility: Maintain adjustments days. It's that easy.

Extract TRS Adjustment Days to RP25 & ER27: Use these utilities to extract adjustments from the TRS Adjustment Days Maintenance page to their associated records.

TRS TEAM Reports

The following TRS reports are now listed under the TEAM menu. Amounts in the reports are shown by position codes. Note that all but the final report also include child nutrition grant amounts.

  • TEAM Statutory Minimum Report #373 (HRS7810)
  • TEAM TRS Non-OASDI Employer Contribution Report (HRS7815)
  • TEAM TRS 3 Report (HRS7820)
  • TEAM TRS 489 Report (HRS7825)
  • TEAM Federal Grant Report (HRS7840)
  • TEAM TRS Adjustment Days Report (HRS7850)

Odds 'n' Ends

Want to know what the difference is between a Release and an Update? Check out this flyer for some answers.

And don't forget to get in touch with us with any questions about these changes. Our Update Documentation covers all changes for the Update. At TxEIS, we pride ourselves on our product and customer support.

Update 2.0.0005.0132

This Update includes the new utility to generate 1094/1095 ACA AIR correction and replacement files in the Human Resources application and a new tab in District Administration with contact information to be used with it. The Test Scores application has also been updated to include online test disruption fields for EOC and STAAR 3-8. And both of these tests' imports have had their file layouts updated. For more information, please see the Update documentation on the TxEIS Resources page (login required) or contact your local Education Service Center.

Image of Jennifer Carver, TCC Component Director, TxEIS Programming Services

Message from Jennifer Carver

TCC Component Director, TxEIS Programming Services

The world around us is constantly changing, and we all approach change a little differently: some seek out the waters of change and dive in head first, some step in cautiously, and others need a gentle nudge. Either way, hopefully we embrace change and appreciate the opportunities for growth and improvement that come with it. My family was faced with a change last July when we rescued a 3-year-old Wheaten terrier. It wasn’t something we had planned, or even wanted at the time, but we stepped in cautiously and took Koby into our home on a trial basis. It was a reminder that the inevitability of change doesn’t have to be something to avoid. On the contrary, we at the TCC believe that change is opportunity!

The 2.0.0005 Release brings lots of great change with it, too. We are introducing a new color scheme, for one. But along with the visual changes, you’ll notice faster page rendering, and movable, resizable directories and pop-up windows.

Release 2.0.0005 also provides new functionality in the Human Resources application to support the TRS TEAM implementation, which allows districts to begin the certification process with TRS. There are still some changes on the horizon, and we will have another update this summer to apply the remaining updates to ensure a smooth transition from TRAQS to TEAM.

The TxEIS software development team is currently working on some exciting changes to Online Registration in txConnect Parent Portal, which will allow parents to fill out standard registration forms electronically, eliminating the hassle of all that paper! In TxEIS Registration, campus staff will be able to view forms and easily determine which forms haven’t been turned in. Stay tuned for more information… This enhancement is scheduled to be released in Summer 2016.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on here at TxEIS. There are opportunities everywhere and sometimes they come in unexpected form. Step up to meet them with an open mind; you’ll be glad you did.

What's New in the 2.0.0005 Release?

Big Changes

TxEIS has made some pretty impressive changes for the 2.0.0005 Release. Of course what you'll notice right away is the different look. TxEIS got a facelift! Not only are the colors brighter and the typeface more legible than ever, but there's been some other work done, too. Pages render more quickly. Lookups and directories in Business load faster (coming to Student in Release 2.0.0006) and all pop-ups (they all load faster, too) are now floating windows that you can move and resize. Even the buttons have been updated. Soak it all in. TxEIS is made in Texas for Texas schools exclusively. We're here for you.

Here are a few more of the big ones that you'll want to know about. Read more about each in their respective sections.

TxEIS System


TREA CASE Solved is a web application created by the Texas Rural Education Agency (TREA) that helps you properly complete the Student and Community Engagement indicators for the PEIMS District (010) and Campus (020) records. We interface with that. You can export the data from CASE Solved and then, using the Merge TEA Format File utility in the PEIMS application, import it right into TxEIS. Want to know what else we interface with? Read on.

TxEIS interfaces beautifully with dozens of third-party vendors. It's an important part of the software. And now the file layouts used to export and import data are available here on txeis.net. We want you to be able to quickly and easily find what information goes where. So check out that ACA 1095-C Import layout to make sure you've got the proper data in the proper places. Need to know what information goes where in the Cafeteria Export? No problem.

Business System

TEAM is the big change on the Business side of things this release. Pages and data collection requirements have changed, but TxEIS continues to implement the necessary changes to make sure you're covered. For a detailed account of the changes compared to TRAQS, contact your local Education Service Center. The main thing you should know is that TxEIS is in strict compliance with TRS mandates, as well as other state and federal directives.

Did you know we have Business videos covering how to process 1095 and W-2 forms and how to manage ACA 1094 and 1095 data? We have lots of resources. Click the play button below to see the newest videos. For other videos, both Business and Student, contact your local Education Service Center.

"How To" Videos

Check out the new training videos here.

Play Button

Visit the Texas Resources page for a complete list of training guides and videos available (login required).

TxEIS Knows Texas

Student System

Where'd it go?

Not to worry, things might have changed a little, but the functionality is the same (or better)!

  • In Graduation Plan, the 4 Year View button is the PGP button. Clicking it displays the SGP1000 - Student Personal Graduation Plan report, so you have even more information at your disposal.
  • In District Information under District Profile in the Registration application, the SEMS Info tab is now called Special Ed Info. Better, right?

The eSped import is an external process that must be enabled by the TxEIS Programming staff. You have to submit a Third Party Agreement to TCC in order to receive an unlock key. Once you've done this, you can select the Enable eSped Import field to schedule or stop the import. eSped provides a file of all special education enrollment and program data for the district. In the import process, TxEIS deletes all existing data and replaces it with data in the import file. As long as the option is selected on this page, the import occurs regularly, as specified by the district; however, the imports can be halted as needed by clearing the check box. For more information about using this feature, contact your local Education Service Center.

The SCH0550 - List of Students Requesting Alternates report lists students and their alternate course selections so you can make an informed decision as to what courses to keep and which may need to be dropped.

The Assign Pass Fail Indicators utility now shows withdrawn courses as indicated by an asterisk next to the course number.

You can export the SGR2001 - A/B Honor Roll report to CSV format, if there is one or more students listed. Just click Preview Student Listing and then the CSV icon.


Have a grade for a student that you don't want dropped even if it's the lowest and you have specified that you want to drop one or more of the lowest grades in a particular category? No problem. Now in txGradebook, you can select the Do Not Drop field next to a particular assignment and grade to make sure it's not dropped.

Are the email settings properly set up for the district? Head over to the Settings page under Administrator Options in txConnect to make sure.

Changes to forms in txConnect:

  • The Par Rev field on the Administrator Options > Settings > Forms Management > Form Group Management page was replaced by the Allow No Changes field, which tells the parent that he can acknowledge that he has viewed the form without making changes, or he can make changes as necessary and submit them.
  • When all three fields, Allow No Changes, Visible and Required, on the same page are selected for a form, a notification displays in txConnect telling parents that a form requires attention and action.
  • In txConnect in the Student List, parents see either the message, "Print Registration Form Completion Confirmation" if they have completed all required forms or a red exclamation mark icon. If the latter is displayed, parents can click the View/Edit Forms button or the icon to make necessary changes for the student. Furthermore, each form will display either a green check mark to indicate that it has been completed or a red exclamation mark (message, "Please review this form for accuracy" also displays) indicating more information is required.

Coming Soon

We have lots of exciting improvements coming up in the summer. Here are a few of the ones we think you'll love:

  • Online Registration: New functionality will make filling out those required Texas school forms easier than ever.
  • Finance: Insert fields in the Create Chart of Accounts page. With enhanced features, you'll be able to filter records to the ones you want and then insert a record right where you need it to go.
  • Student Photos: Yup, upload student photos. 'nuf said.
  • Registration: The directory will have a Next Year Students field that will allow you to find students who are new to the district. This will be especially helpful for those looking for next year first graders.

To get updated information follow our blog (click the menu in the right corner to sign up for an email with all the posts for the month) or check us out on one of these other platforms:

Did you know?

That Release (or Update) cycles were so much work? A lot goes into these. Click here to check out the flyer that shows you what. We clearly distinguished the difference between a Release and an Update, too.

Meet the TCC

Joel Garcia

Coordinator for Information Systems

Image of Joel Garcia

Q. I understand you have an interesting work background. Can you tell me a little about that?

A. I have worked in IT for 16 years in multiple industries including education, municipal government, and banking. My work experience includes the support of student information systems, finance systems, document management systems, and SharePoint. I also have strong software development and business intelligence skills. Most of my software development has been completed by using ASP.NET, C#/VB, Telerik DevCraft Controls, SQL Server, and SQL Reporting Services.

Q. How long have you worked with the Texas Computer Cooperative?

A. About three weeks.

Q. What do you enjoy doing with your free time (the little that I’m sure you have)?

A. In my personal time I enjoy reading, watching movies, volunteering at church, and spending time with my family.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I have a chocolate Labrador named Leela.

If you would like to know a little more about Joel, click here to read a short profile.